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Regional Fire Authority

03-03-2015 RFAPC Minutes           RFA Plan Final DRAFT         RFA Letter to Citizens 2015



Clark County Fire & Rescue (CCF&R) is a Fire District serving the cities of La Center, Ridgefield, Woodland, and the unincorporated areas within the district boundaries as identified on the attached map.  (162 Square Miles)

Currently the City of Woodland and Fire District #2 contract to CCF&R for fire and emergency medical services.



A Regional Fire Service Authority (RFA) is a special purpose district created by the vote of the people residing in the proposed RFA District. It is a municipal corporation and an independent taxing authority within the meaning of article 7, section 1 of the state constitution, and a taxing district within the meaning of article 7, section 2 of the state constitution. An RFA operates very similar to a Fire District.


The Fire District service area would remain the same size (162 square miles). No bigger government.


By joining the Regional Fire Authority some areas served by CCF&R would enter into a long-term relationship with CCF&R. This would allow long-term planning with the City of Woodland and Fire District #2.

The RFA would allow for balanced representation of elected official’s.

Presently Woodland and Fire District #2 do not get to vote for CCF&R Fire Commissioners. Formation of the RFA would reduce the total number of fire commissioners from 8 down to 5 and create a new governing board made up of representatives from all 3 entities.

Elected Commissioners

Clark County Fire & Rescue (2)

Woodland (2)

Clark County FD #2 – (1)


Creation of the RFA would require a vote of the people within CCF&R, City of Woodland, and Clark County Fire District #2.


Once the RFA Plan is drafted, a series of workshops will be held in the communities served to allow the public to review the plan, ask questions, and allow the Planning Committee to receive input. Once the final plan is drafted and adopted by the elected bodies of the three participating agencies it will be placed on the ballot for a vote of the people. The recommended target date to place the issue on the ballot will be announced soon.

For more information contact Division Chief Mike Jackson at 887-4609.